Girl Scouts Troop 1124

Youth in Action

Welcome to GS Troop 1124

Troop Meetings  

Every Monday except the 1st Monday
 of the month. We meet from 7:00 - 8:00 pm,
unless otherwise noted on Remind 101.


We meet at the Sci Fi Factory
10716 N Beach St. Keller, TX 76244

Cadette Troop Leaders:

Sheryle Gillihan
Becky Allen

We appreciate all volunteers!

Our Girl Scouts Sister Troop

We try to do events with our big sisters.

We have been adopted by Girl Scout Troop 1181. In order to earn their Silver award, our sister troop will be assisting us at some of our meetings. Their website is linked on our links page. Many of you have already met their troop leader, Miss Charity Dragna. 

Are you a scout?

If you're a scout in Troop 1124, please ask for access to our private Facebook group so that you can sign up for troop events and see our photo albums.